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Photo Jun 27, 10 53 40 AM (1)

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT
Acres: 51.784

Clarks Fork Valley Farm, Belfry, MT

Grove Creek Road, Belfry, MT
Acres: 117
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Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River Farm

Highway 72, Belfry, Montana
Acres: 960
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Mountain View Ranch - Columbus, MT

1510 Rapelje Road, Columbus, MT
Acres: 2,147

Little Careless Creek, Judith Gap, MT

Little Careless Creek Road, Judith Gap, MT
Acres: 1160

Premium Riverfront Horse Facility

17 Vet Lane, Bridger, MT 59014
Acres: 23
Black Bluffs on the Yellowstone River
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Black Bluffs on the Yellowstone River

A Premium Sportsman’s Ranch in Yellowstone Country

Acres: 1,366

  • Nestled in a region of Montana known as the historic Black Bluffs on the Yellowstone River
  • Ideally suited for the sportsman seeking solitude, peace and quiet
  • This property is 40 minutes from the Billings International Airport and 40 minutes Red Lodge
  • 1,366 deeded acres of flat to rolling uplands along with numerous coulees and draws leading to the private frontage on 2 1⁄2 miles of the Yellowstone River
  • Dramatic views of the Yellowstone River and Beartooth Mountains
  • Considered one of the best trout streams in Montana, this stretch of the Yellowstone River is home to numerous private islands providing additional braided channels and habitat for the healthy populations of wild trout that inhabit this river system

Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who camped on the shores of the Yellowstone named this historic and distinguished stretch of the river “Black Bluffs”

  • The Yellowstone River is known by fisherman and naturalists around the world for epic fishing and grandeur 
  • 2 1⁄2 miles of Yellowstone River frontage
  • Easily wadable 
  • The river offers healthy populations of rainbow and brown trout with lesser numbers of cutthroat trout, in addition to an excellent year round habitat.
  • Unlike many stretches of this popular world-class fishery, this 2 1⁄2-mile stretch enjoys unheard-of privacy due to the lack of nearby public access points.

Wildlife is abundant

  • elk
  • whitetail
  • mule deer
  • antelope
  • black bear
  • eagle
  • osprey
  • sharp-tailed grouse
  • Hungarian partridge
  • pheasant
  • duck
  • wild turkey


  • There is a unique mixture of hunting opportunities throughout the Cottonwood River bottoms to the short grass prairie above the bluffs. The river corridor provides excellent opportunities to hunt big game animals.
  • Waterfowl hunting becomes incredible with the arrival of the migratory birds traveling to and from the nearby grain fields. The ranch enjoys the possibility of decoying ducks and geese in the morning, and hunting for Hungarian partridge and grouse in the afternoon.
  • The short grass prairie above the bluffs is home to antelope, deer, Hungarian partridge, and sharp-tailed grouse. With the further development of habitat and food plots, the numbers would increase providing even better opportunities.
  • 1,366 Deeded
  • Peck Gulch Road, Joliet, MT
  • 406-962-3310
  • 1,366
  • For Sale
  • 1,366 deeded acres
  • Wetlands and the bluffs provide significant wildlife habitat and beautiful foliage 
  • Increasing in elevation from the river bottoms, one
    encounters rolling hills and flat top buttes, offering
    stunning vistas of the snowcapped Beartooth Mountains.
  • The short grass prairie is punctuated by habitat-rich ravines, which wander down into the Yellowstone River.
  • The landscape provides the ideal balance of varied terrain for native game birds and animals.
  • Portions of the prairie show signs of being used as cropland, and offer excellent habitat and food plot opportunities.

This ranch offers the True West … the opportunity for enrichment, fulfillment and experience of history that most modern people will never have.