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The Legacy Ranch Program Building Land & Ranch Value

Legacy Ranches are built by good people, exceptional livestock and conservation management. One hand washes the other. The more valuable the livestock, the more valuable the ranch.

Create Wealth

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Legacy Ranch management will draw respect from those whom visit your ranch, work on it, inherit it and best of all you will realize “some things are not for sale.”

When you purchase a ranch, you aren’t just buying a piece of land. You are buying the cowboy way of life and a lifestyle that treats the land as a legacy for future generations. If you are in the market for land or a ranch and want to build legacy value, Thistledew Montana Grasslands can help you buy the right piece of property. We look at land and ranches, thoroughly evaluate and truly analyze the production and growth potential. We have over 40 years in experience in the cattle business and over 25 in selling land and ranches. Bottom line, we know what a legacy ranch looks like and we can help you purchase and develop your own.

Live Your Legacy

Build It

Using Thistledew Montana Grasslands proven programs, such as Montana Grasslands Heifer Program, Conversation Program and our Legacy Ranch Program, you are sure to witness an increase in the profitability of your operation. This simply makes your property worth more. We don’t want your operation to survive … we want it to thrive.

Gain Wealth

Sell It

Imagine selling your ranch and getting a 20% premium. The legacy-like value you create will help you accomplish this
Our programs help the buyer purchase with high levels of confidence. If there comes a time when you need to part with your land, history shows that the reputation of an operation does indeed drive value. When you have worked hard to build. Profitable ranching enterprise your land will simply be worth more. We help others realize value you have created a help you achieve a premium in the market.


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2019 Listed Properties 200 Acres & Up

% Listed Properties that Sold

Land 21%
Land 65%

% Listed Properties that Sold

Land 30%
Land 22%

% Listed Properties that Sold

Land 29%
Land 6%

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Melinda Jeffrey

Photo Jun 27, 10 53 40 AM (1)

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT
Acres: 51.784

Clarks Fork Valley Farm, Belfry, MT

Grove Creek Road, Belfry, MT
Acres: 117
Photo Sep 30, 10 41 31 AM

Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River Farm

Highway 72, Belfry, Montana
Acres: 960
Photo Sep 20, 12 54 31 PM

Mountain View Ranch - Columbus, MT

1510 Rapelje Road, Columbus, MT
Acres: 2,147

Little Careless Creek, Judith Gap, MT

Little Careless Creek Road, Judith Gap, MT
Acres: 1160

Premium Riverfront Horse Facility

17 Vet Lane, Bridger, MT 59014
Acres: 23


Cole Creek Road, Joliet,

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