Chris Jeffrey

Ranch & Investment Specialist

I grew up in agriculture. My values, beyond my family, are freedom, land, cattle and building connections with like minded individuals.

It all started with my father, a prominent veterinarian, whom I spent many hours with as he instilled the values of caring for the cattle and the land. His time as Director of Animal Health for one of America’s largest and most advanced beef cattle operations (85,000 head of cattle across the Western United States) is where I had the opportunity to travel to Western States and be exposed to some of the finest cattlemen in the world. It’s these influences at a young age that built the values I hold today.

I graduated from College with a Degree in Economics and Finance and became an Investment Advisor to build wealth for others and my family with the goal to eventually own my own ranching operation. My father encouraged me to have more wealth before I fully entered such a capital intensive vocation as ranching. When my dad decided to invest in real estate, I quickly joined him and the demand for my building skills in the early 90’s building boom landed me in a full fledged building business for over a decade.

My love for cattle and more freedom put me back with cattle and I became obsessed building skills and value that led me to become a consultant to multiple major Angus breeders, traveling to nearly all 50 states buying and selling purebred Angus cattle. We had great levels of success but my own family pulled me home to build our dream and legacy for our children.

Thistledew has grown from little to nearly $1.5 million in annual cattle sales with 10 annual sales under our belt and a land company exceeding $25 million a year in sales. We love what we do and our goal is lifetime enriching relationship. We have a passion for helping other succeed.