Broker – Melinda Jeffrey

Owner | Managing Broker

  • Listing Specialist.
  • 27 Years in Real Estate.
  • Contract, Negotiation and Transactional Specialist.

As a Broker, I have consistently ranked in the top 5% of land sales in your area, and have 27 years’ worth of proven relationships in the land and agricultural industry. My mission is to help my clients earn top dollar for their properties while expertly navigating complex negotiations and providing smart tax strategies and safe re-investment advice for generating excellent cash flow. Because I value relationships, I invest a lot of time in finding solutions for family and partnership issues. I love helping my clients meet their goals!

Given the unpredictable nature of today’s economy, it may be more important than ever to talk to an expert who can help you craft a plan for your unique situation.

I’m immensely grateful for the Montana Ranch life I’ve been fortunate to live, including being in the cattle business for 20 years and the treasured relationships built. My experiences have molded me into the Broker I am today with thousands of successful transactions under my belt and the ability to walk with others through their journey in a meaningful way. I acknowledge that each client’s situation is incredibly unique and make it my mission to get to know my client and their goals and help them grow their wealth with real estate.

My areas of speciality include tax solutions, exceptionally diverse 1031 options and passive income opportunities. This allows me to assist my clients with issues such as retirement, bringing future generations into the operation and solving multi family ownership issues. No matter what the situation is, my goal is always to help bring peace and freedom to move forward in life.