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Some may think it takes a lot of money to develop a ranch with legacy value. It doesn’t.

Dakota Mitchem

Sales Associate

Residential. Recreation.
M:406-998-8628 info@montanagrasslands.com

Featured Listings

Joliet, Montana Land For Sale1

Development Land, Joliet, Montana

Highway 212, Joliet, MT
Acres: 396
Photo Jun 27, 10 53 40 AM (1)

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT

Shane Creek Rd, Columbus, MT
Acres: 51.784

Clarks Fork Valley Farm, Belfry, MT

Grove Creek Road, Belfry, MT
Acres: 117
Photo Sep 30, 10 41 31 AM

Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River Farm

Highway 72, Belfry, Montana
Acres: 960
Photo Sep 20, 12 54 31 PM

Mountain View Ranch - Columbus, MT

1510 Rapelje Road, Columbus, MT
Acres: 2,147

Little Careless Creek, Judith Gap, MT

Little Careless Creek Road, Judith Gap, MT
Acres: 1160

Experience The Difference When Buying Or Selling Land In Montana

Dakota is extremely sociable, fun and easy to communicate with. We don’t know anybody that wouldn’t get along with Dakota. He is also attentive and listens to his clients very well. His tenacity and resilience to continue on despite obstacles may be his very best trait. He is our Rural Lot Specialist whether it’s residential or recreational, near town or in a remote “off grid” location, he has the ability to get it done.
Dakota Mitchem is the reason I own my house!  He worked so hard for me kept me positive.  He went after every obstacle we came across and took care of it!  I couldn’t ask for a more efficient, caring or go getter than him!!  Kristi Johnson.

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