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Ethan Evans is a Real Estate Agent at Montana Homes & Grasslands. His upbringing on ranches in central Texas and South Eastern Kansas, coupled with his 13 years of service in the US Military, have instilled in him values of honor, courage, and commitment. These values are reflected in his professional conduct as he diligently represents his clients with the utmost honesty and care.

With a deep understanding of ranches and farms from his early years, Ethan possesses a comprehensive knowledge of what is necessary for a working farm or ranch to be a viable option for a buyer. His hands-on experience allows him to excel in this area. Ethan's innate ability to identify the potential of a property, regardless of its current condition, sets him apart from others. He is dedicated to maximizing both recreational and agricultural use of land, and consistently strives to envision its productivity to the fullest extent.

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