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I have a background deeply rooted in agriculture, which has shaped my values and priorities. Aside from my family, I hold great importance to concepts such as freedom, land, cattle, and establishing connections with individuals who share similar values.

My journey began alongside my father, an esteemed veterinarian. Spending countless hours with him, I learned the significance of caring for cattle and the land. During his tenure as the Director of Animal Health at one of the largest and most advanced beef cattle operations in America, I had the privilege of traveling to the Western States and immersing myself in the profound wisdom of some of the world's most exceptional cattlemen. These experiences during my formative years cemented the values I uphold today.

After completing my degree in Economics and Finance, I embarked on a career as an Investment Advisor. My goal was to build wealth not only for others but also for my own family, with the ultimate aspiration of owning my own ranching operation. In line with my father's guidance, I sought to accumulate more wealth before fully committing to a capital-intensive vocation like ranching. However, my adoration for cattle and desire for greater freedom motivated me to return to the world of cattle. I became engrossed in enhancing my skills and expertise, ultimately leading me to become a consultant for numerous prominent Angus breeders. This role took me across nearly all 50 states, facilitating the buying and selling of purebred Angus cattle. Our endeavors were incredibly successful, yet I was pulled back home by my family's longing to construct our dream and establish a lasting legacy for our children.

Thistledew Land & Cattle Company, the fruit of our labor, has grown exponentially. With 10 successful annual sales under our belt we are passionate about our work and are committed to building lifelong, mutually enriching relationships. Helping others achieve their goals and succeed is something that drives us each day.

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