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SELLERS – List with Montana Grasslands.

Montana real estate is always in high demand and the opportunity to sell for a premium is very real. Selling for a high price can be the easy part, while finding solutions for taxes, reinvestment options and other issues created when selling a real estate asset is often the hardest part. Our company is solution-based and we have spent decades creating strategies to grow your real estate wealth. In the past 26 years, our company has brought together experts and resources to structure each client’s transaction in a meaningful way. Including tax solutions, exceptional 1031 options, and passive income opportunities. This assists with retirement, bringing future generations into the operation, and solving multi-family ownership issues.

BUYERS – Invest in Land.
Land is an imperishable

asset, ever increasing in value. There are countless ways you can use and enjoy a property. It’s an investment that can lead to physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual returns. We don’t know of a safer, wealth-building investment with such huge amounts of self-enrichment.

“Nothing provides the same level of freedom like owning your own piece of dirt” Melinda Jeffrey


  • Premium 1031 Investments
  • Diversified Real Estate Investments
  • Passive Income Real Estate
  • Private Land Valuations
  • Private, Off Market Sales
  • Increasing Cash Flow from your Land and Ranch Wealth
  • Inflation Protection
  • Strategies to Resolve Partnerships & Family Disputes
  • Prepare Yourself to Sell, Land Staging Expertise